What is a Lost Landmark?

What is a “lost landmark” exactly? It’s kind of hard to describe. But you know when you see it. Or feel it. Lost landmarks are those places that you visited long ago in your community that are no longer here. Places where you came of age. A place that touched your heart. Places you miss. But lost landmarks can also be places that were long gone before you were even born; legendary locations that became mythical over time (with stories being passed down even today). When it comes to lost landmarks, we want to commemorate, celebrate, and educate. We want to help stoke the memories and bring the past back to life. We will be adding more lost landmarks as time goes on and we hope you enjoy this initial collection that we have created. And we’ll keep adding information here so that you can learn even more about these lost landmarks. That way, when somebody asks you about that Pav-a-Lon T-shirt or Huntington Beach Speedway coffee mug, you’ll be able to share the information so that these lost landmarks are never forgotten. So then the history may live on even longer. Be sure to check back often because we will be adding more lost landmark merchandise on a regular basis (and of course, many more photos and stories). 

Author/journalist Chris Epting and surfer/artist Dave C Reynolds

Lost Orange County


Bolsa Chica Gun Club Collection

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The Lost HB Photo and Map Collection


Huntington Beach Centennial Collection

Introducing The Lost Landmarks “Centennial Collection.” We want to help commemorate historic places and events that are more than 100 years old. When it comes to Huntington Beach, that would be the first oil strike in 1920, the Holly Sugar Plant which opened in 1911, the area known as “Wintersburg” which was famous in part for how much celery was grown there, The Bolsa Chica Gun Club, Huntington Beach Ranch, and more. These designs incorporate both real logos and then some that we have imagined. Whimsical, nostalgic, and very much steeped in the past, it’s our way of celebrating the original events and institutions that formed the historical foundation of Huntington Beach.

HB Originals Collection


Sea Breeze Auto Court

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Golden Summer of 1980 Collection

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Strips and Cheese Collection "It's an HB Thing"

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Huntington Beach of Yesterday Collection

A unique and eclectic collection of lost businesses and brands from HB's more recent past.

Lost Surf and Skate


Lost New York

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The Lost Drive-Ins and Theatres


The Lost Landmarks Maps

What better way to enjoy lost landmarks than with fun, rare, historic maps? We have authentically reproduced a series of local maps, all of which are both artful and educational. For home or office, they are a great way to enjoy the past.


Founders Chris Epting and Dave C Reynolds

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