The Lost Landmarks Founders Chris Epting and Dave C Reynolds

Chris Epting is the author of more than 30 books, including 10 about Orange County, as well as the creator/host of the TV program, Hidden Huntington Beach.


Author Chris Epting has lived in Huntington Beach since 1999. Since then, he has written extensively about the city while studying and helping to document its history. For almost 10 years he wrote his weekly “In the Pipeline” newspaper column in the Huntington Beach independent and has also written five books about Huntington Beach. He has written many other books about United States history and a variety of memoirs, but he especially enjoys focusing on the history of his community. In addition to giving many local lectures, Chris also appears on a variety of television and radio shows discussing history, pop-culture travel and recently created the TV show Hidden Huntington Beach. The show, along with its companion Facebook page, has resulted in the sharing of many local stories, photos and artifacts.

 “Writing about and photographing lost landmarks all over the United States is something I’ve done for many years. I love the concept of re-presenting the past in a way that helps one appreciate it, whether they lived it or not. But there’s just something different about focusing on your own community. Streets we walk every day possess secrets and stories and it’s so much fun chasing them all down. But for me, the best part is when true locals get involved and begin sharing memories about the past in ways that are so vivid and revealing that it brings it all to life on a whole new level. I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing about or photographing Huntington Beach.      It’s such a fascinating place that has so many layers of history, from oil to surfing to music to aerospace and more. And no matter how big it might grow, it still manages to maintain a sense of community that, for me, makes it an amazing place to be a part of.”

Christian Epting





Dave C Reynolds is a Huntington Beach surfer, artist, entrepreneur, inventor, museum curator and craftsman.

Dave C Reynolds grew up in Orange County and is a longtime Huntington Beach resident.  A true entrepreneur, since 1988 he has designed and created commissioned art, logos, surf and SUP trophies for contests and companies all over the world. Some of his customers include the WSL, Quiksilver, Coppertone, Verizon, Hyatt Regency, Reef, Tilly’s, Hawaiian Airlines and Pacific Life.

“I've built this incredible life here in Surf City USA! Surfing, paddleboarding, art and business! I really try to help out any local causes or people in need and have earned the respect of both the HB surf and business communities. I consult and work with local HB restaurants and resorts making custom furniture and signage. I've learned to create all kinds of art including sculpture, resin casting, black light art, pinball machines, fine art, graphic design, illustration and more.

 Even after 45 years I still surf or paddleboard daily. I've surfed in California, Mexico, Hawaii and Fiji. I've volunteered at the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum since 1989.  My wife and best friend Kellie and I love our 4 legged kids. As you can see I'm stoked on the Surf City life I have built!! What also stokes me is sharing stories about our lost landmarks with others. Gratitude is my attitude and it should be yours too! Surf on my friends!”

Dave C Reynolds